Jun 5, 2022

MIYOSHI &CO., LTD. announced the reduction of environmental impact by F1 seed strawberry.

MIYOSHI &CO., LTD. announced the reduction of environmental impact by F1 seed strawberry.

CO2 emissions were reduced by 41% compared with existing varieties.

MIYOSHI &CO., LTD. developed the first Japanese F1 seed strawberry, “Berry Pop” series as a private company and started to supply them not only domestically but also overseas.
NTT Advanced Technology Corporation measured the environmental impact of our F1 seed strawberry based on LCA (Life cycle assessment). Target evaluation period is from tissue culture to replanting. The consumption of electricity, energy, pesticides, fertilization, etc. and emissions from facilities and materials during the cultivation are calculated. According to this analysis, CO2 emissions are reduced by 41% (10t-CO2/30,000 plants) compared with existing vegetative strawberry varieties.


Reduction of CO2 emissions due to pesticides, fertilizers, etc. can reach up to 78%.

Seed propagating strawberry is able to drastically shorten the growing time. They are produced from clean seeds, reducing the risk of pest infection, which is the major feature. The production, from tissue culture to replanting is simple and the cultivation period is shortened so we expected a reduction in environmental impact, which was proven by the analysis. In addition, if limited to use of pesticides, fertilizers, or other chemical materials, the analysis shows CO2 emissions are reduced by 78%.


MIYOSHI &CO., LTD. continues to develop breeding process of seed propagating strawberry varieties, promoting “Berry Pop”, and contributing to reduction of environmental impact.


*LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) measured CO2 emitted from the entire process of raw material extraction, the product’s manufacture, use, and disposal.



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